Singapore Management University - Retail Shop

Retail cum information counter of 1,000sqft space, to facilitate the sale of SMU merchandise is readily available. The Client’s requirements were to have a conclave retail space where students can have an informal interaction. D’trax proposal was to use synthetic grass carpets, laid over existing black granite flooring. The design creates an outdoor sense in the retail space and minimal. Existing cabinets were laminated in white to brighten up and generate an inviting atmosphere.

Skateboarding has been undergoing a revival in the recent years. A newly opened skate park and the establishment nearby inspired the designer to incorporate it as part of the aesthetic designs. D’trax created simulated skate platforms which integrate into an island display rack. Display racks were laminated in bright yellow and illuminated with several numbers of LED lights and placed in a right angle, draws attention and curiosity of passerby. The Visual Merchandising window which faces Queen Street which is prominent at the traffic junction as it highlights the products distinctively and draws in attention.