“Opening up the interior” – MURU-D

Muru-D, “Path to digital” is the latest startup accelerator under Telstra Software group choosing to strategically establish itself in a renewed old shop house located near Singapore’s Central Business District which somewhat influenced by the urban renewal that had taken place in the area over the last few decades.

As an open invitation to corporate partners and young startups, the priority in the design is “opening up the interior” with the domestic feel of the structure being preserved.

The design of the premise is characterized by its lightness and respect for its surroundings. In the common areas, such as town hall and work area, continuous space predominates.

The details and finishes utilize conventional materials scrubbed concrete, whitewash of existing walls to translate into more contemporary language.

The warm, welcoming atmosphere at the pantry is a light and clean space where local wood of the tables stand out against the rest of the concrete floor, white walls, grey ceiling and lamps.

The result, an overall feeling of sparseness has been created, while preserves the original structure, yet exudes a decidedly contemporary ambience.