TWENTY 20 Essex Street

TWENTY ~ 20 Essex Street's new 1400sqf office were done up in line with EU GDPR (General Data protection regulation) that was followed. From our experiences in doing Law Firm or Barrister's office, we have given our client an alternative layout separating Client facing area from the Back office area, giving their clients a feel of security / confidentiality that the documents, data and any discussion are done in the Barrister's rooms are done with privacy and security.

Client facing areas are the Waiting areas, common pantry and Conference room. Wherein, the client can welcome client, entertain, have a meeting or discussion, etc. without going through the Barrister's room. The conference room is able to open up to the Waiting / Pantry area to make a bigger space for entertainment, events or parties due to the use of an operable wall and foldable meeting table.

Homogeneous wood planks flooring are used all throught this space so there is a continuity look & easy maintenance for spilled drinks or food.

The back office are the Barrister's individual rooms, strategically placed with a window in each room & comes with a set of executive workstation, low cabinets for filing storage, tall cabinet for their coat hangers. All the partition walls are designed for sound acoustic.

Natural light is able to reach every room due to the facing of each room with glass panels to the common corridor. The common utility area & server are also located at the back office area so any confidential print outs and data are secured and not open to client facing areas.

We have tailored a classical design to the office which reflects the Clien's London office. This reflects a corporate identity to their International Offices to make it look united, while retaining the existing structural elements of the Building which further emphasizes the design. We also carefully selected lighting fixtures on walls and pendant lights, loose furniture & even the custom-made cabinets are all in line with the whole classical look. Neutral tones are selected on the wallls, floor and ceiling with patterns & textures to make the area look interesting and cosy.