39 Essex Chambers

39 Essex Chambers engage D'Trax to design their office at Maxwell Chambers Suite which was previously the Red Dot Museum in the earlier days, this was the Traffic Police Station. Being a Heritage Building, there are many constraint with the dos and don't. Taking area of 2200sqf comprises of Main Reception area and a unit that is accessible throught a long corridor that leads to a side door.

Layout approach to the 2 spaces with bigger unit to design for Main Reception area, meeting room, breakout/pantry and accomodate 3 enclosed offices, white the other unit housing for two enclosed office, storage area and IT room.

The brief given was to re-use of every major piece of relocatable furnitures.Each Barrister room were planned from 18sqm to 23sqm which are quite spacious and for future expansion is allowed.

The Angular wall and reception counter design are derives from the letter 'X' of the corporate design. This detail mirrored on the ceiling add some interest to the reception area while keeping the rest of general area simple clean lines. A nneutral color palette is introduced to the reception area, whilst accent color wall were assigned to the breakout/flexible work spaces.